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Hair mogul Marcus Bowers set to release new book!

Hair mogul Marcus Bowers set to release new book!


 A new book by Houston native, Marcus Bowers, is set to release on April 4th of 2018. Just 50 years since the assassination of the civil rights leader and marking the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death date.

The Martin Luther King Blvd, Road, Street, Mindset.

Bowers, an international business man and Navy SPECWAR veteran, who is the founder of She’s Happy Hair can now add author to his list of accomplishments with the release of his upcoming book.

The mission of the book is to not only inform and educate but also to inspire any one that lives, has lived or know of the connotations associated with residing in the areas of Martin Luther King roadways across the nation and “developed a certain mindset that limits them to an internal destructive struggle within their neighborhood (community).”

The six-chapter book will open the imagination and mindset of the younger generation who believe that their geographic locations and what currently surrounds their everyday lifestyle defines their future and potential.

The Martin Luther King Blvd, Road, Street, Mindset will be available for purchase/preorder on April 4, 2018 via or can also be found on the Amazon marketplace.