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Marcus' BDAY Shoot-out

You’ve probably seen many bday “shoots” that included models, makeup artists, wardrobe and more! This bday “shoot” included ammo, tactical training and shots down range!

Picture this: a sunny day, a few of my closes compadres, and the fam, all geared up and ready to rock n roll at the shooting range! Yes, you heard me right! We swapped the classic birthday cake + balloons for some target practice and boy, was it a blast – quite literally!

The adrenaline rush was real, and so were all the fire arms, weapons, and guns! We all had a good laugh + workout as well as catered food all in the great outdoors while hearing the occasional "Bullseye, baby” as shots rang down range.

Ain't no party like a shoot-out party – talk about setting the bar high for future birthdays! 🎯
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